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  Intro of Evervan Group

Deyang Footwear Co., Ltd. is located in Xidu Economic Technological Development Zone of Hengyang City, it covers 250 mu with excellent location and geographic advantage. Since 2008, after the investment of EVV, order has increased gradually with positive performance. Evervan Group's profession in shoes manufacturing industry and insist on the long term strategy in mainland , later on EVH was formed and became an important milestone for Evervan Group .

EVH started to set up in January 2010 and officially launched in March 2011, totally has 3, 000 employees, an annual production of 4.5 million pairs of adidas finished shoes and the tax was nearly RMB13 million. It demonstrates good economic and social benefits, becoming largest production facility of Evervan Group in mainland. In 2012, EVH acquired the systems’ certification of ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001, EVH also got AA Class Enterprise Inspection and Top 10 Stars Companies of Hengyang.

Industry Name:Evervan Deyang footwear Co., Ltd. (EVH)
Time of Established: Established in 2010, officially launched in 2011
Production Scale:Covers an area of 130,000 square meters, totally has 3, 000 employees, produced up to 450,000 pairs, invest 20 million dollars
Main Product:adidas Original Training Outdoor Sport shoes
Factory address:No.1 Liansheng Road, xidu high-tech development zone, Hengyang, Hunan Province
Contact Number:+86-0734-8571555
Fax Number:+86-0734-8572555
Postal Code:421200
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